Who gets an RBG/ISP account for what purpose?

The infrastructure and the student pool-service department (RBG/ISP) offers stuff and students of the department for computer science access to computers, to work on study related work and labs. To be able to use these services there is an account necessary.

All members of the stuff and all students who have to attend lectures or labs of the department for computer science are allowed to request for an account on this page.

The page sends a mail to your Stud-mailing-adress, to activate the account and set a password.

With the RBG/ISP-account you have access to the computers in the poolrooms, the POP3- and IMAP-server/Webmail and the SCM Server.

For the stuff of the department the conditions are the same as for students. They also need the RBG/ISP-account for a lot of services.

validity of the RBG/ISP account

The RBG/ISP account is valid for one semester, unless an extension is requested via the support website before the deadline has expired. If the deadline expires, the account will be blocked. The unblocking of the account can be done by the user on their own - also via the support website. Before the account is blocked, a notification will be sent to the **RBG/ISP** mail adress.

If the account is blocked for longer then two semesters, we asume that you don't need the account anymore and it will be deleted. Before we delete the account, there is one last notification on your Stud mail adress.

Forgot your password?

Account is blocked

There multiple reasons for the blocking of an account, e.g.:

  • The account is no longer valid - take a look in renewal,
  • the used password is too weak - take a look at password,
  • Violation of the user agreement - for example by operating port scans, introducing viruses, using private devices in places not intended for this purpose or without adequate security (virus scanner, firewall),
  • potential crimes like network abuse (e.g. “Downloading of movies / software).

The exact reason for the blocking can be told to you by the RBG/ISP. The next steps after the blocking will be discussed in a personal conversation.

On the Quota

Every time you log in, the system checks if the quota is above 80%. If the system find this to be true, you will get a textual or graphical notification on the desktop. Normally if your account above the quota it helps to clean the home-directory. This can be done via SSH (e.g. on clientssh1.rbg.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de). To do so take a look on the separate helping page to clean up the account. If there are still unsolvable problems, you can contact the RBG/ISP.

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