website service (beta)

For research groups who want to host their own websites by themself, but who don't have the hardware for that - we are offering a small webcluster.

It's well known that the websites of the research groups ( are running on the department web server ( For websites, that are not for representation and/or appearance (e.g. a Wiki), we are able to host this site on


Behind that service there are two Apace webserver, including a HAProxy with a changing IP. The sites are managed using ISPConfig3.

The disk space is offered by a NFS server.


At the moment there is no quota, but we will be very pleased if you won't abuse this fact :-)


It is possible to get a MySQL database. If you ask for one, please remember that the tables can only be used as Engine InnoDB. Due to the fact that it is used as a SQL Cluster Percona MySQL, MyISAM is not forbidden explicitly, but the content of the tables will not be synchronized!. Because of that there might be some problems with the application depending on which MySQL node the request is send.


If you demand, e.g., you also automatically demand a SSL certificate. The registration of the DNS will be done by us.


As always - if you have any questions please write a mail to sysop@rbg.informatik....

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