Contact persons

The stuff of the RBG/ISP are mainly employed on a regular basis but there are also the student assistants. Everybody does the job, so the computers, the infrastructure and the services are and stay available.

Our job

The RBG/ISP has a lot of different duties, which can brought together under the Titel “network operation, building services engineering, pool rooms and department infrastructure”. The following list is not complete but should give a little impression of our various duties:

  • Maintenance of server and client operation
  • Maintenance of the multimedia infrastructure
  • Maintenance of the pool computer software
  • Support for students with questions or problems in the above-mentioned areas
  • Services for the dean's office and individual specialist areas
  • Provision of components for enriching classroom teaching in the research areas of algorithm animation, digital lecture theatres and notebook universities
  • and general administrative tasks.

It is not our job to manage problems with the Cisco VPN client. This is the job of the HRZ - see also: WLAN/VPN.

Where to find us

The RBG/ISP user-support is in duty with generell questions, e.g. all about the RBG/ISP account. The user-support can be found in room S2|02 - C119 in the Piloty building (first floor, between the two small lecture halls and the stairs). The opening hours are monday, wednesday and friday from 9:00 till 11:30 and on tuesday and thursday from 14:00 till 15:00.

How to contact us

Depending on the problem, the RBG/ISP has different contact persons:

  • Everything about the network (problems with the network, server downtime ….): please send a mail to
  • Everything on hard ware (printer fault, computer failure …): please send a mail to and contact a technician
  • Everything on defective devices (computer mouse, keyboard …): please send a mail to with a description of the problem. In the best case you put a note “out of order” on the divice, so it will be easier for us to find ist.
  • Everything on problems with the login: please take a look at the notes on the account-page.
  • Everything on the the suspicion of abuse of your account (e.g. if you might be hacked) or missbehaviour of other user: please send a mail to
  • Everything on the transponder, especially if it got lost: please send a mail to or come to the service-center in S2|02 - C119.
  • Everything else: please send a mail to or come to the service-center in S2|02 - C119.

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