mail service for research groups

The ISP already offers stuff and students of the department a mail service. Every mail adress with @rbg or or is running under our infrastructure.

As a by-product we offer research groups the possibility to host their domains on our server. Doing so the pointer is mapped on the primary MX on the department- mail server (at the moment

set up

The set up and maintenance (including the Whitelist of the HRZ) will be done by us. Die Einrichtung und die Pflege (auch der Whitelists des HRZ) wird von uns übernommen. A list of alias addresses will be created by us: → target adress

The target adress can by an ISP (RBG) account or anything else (e.g., google …)

If you want a new alias or have any wish for changes, please send us a mail tosysop@rbg.informatik ....


The background of this service is that we want to avoid redundancy with different mail server in the department, especially if there is no fulltime admin to take care of them.

The research group can do everything without the infrastructure and cost of an own mail server.


We are happy to offer you consultation on questions to this matter. Please write a mail to sysop@rbg.informatik ...

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