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Student with a RBG/ISP account have the opportunity to create a homepage in their home-directory which can be made available for the public.

Once set up you can find your own student homepage under or

You have to create a directory with the name .public_html in the home-directory and this, like the home-directory, has to be available for the user “www-data” to change into. The folder has to have at least the permission 755 for this purpose, so the web server is able to read the folder.

Alternatively you can set this manually via 'nfs4_setfacl: <code> nfs4_setfacl -a ~ ~/.public_html </code> You can find a detailed description for nfs4_setfacl'' on the page ACLs under NFS4.

If the following message should appear…:

You don't have permission to access /~accountname/ on this server.

… when you visit your own student homepage the next time, it's most likely that these permissions are not set anymore.

In contrast to the description on the login-page the main page can be called index.html. Like all other files in the directory .public_html it must be readable for the user “www-date”. As described above, the subdirectories in this directory have to available for everyone to change into (find ~/.public_html -type d -exec chmod o+x {} \;).

The student website is not designed to use PHP. But it is possible to run scripts with bash or perl if you store the script in ~/.public_html/cgi-bin/. This repository must be set up using

 mkdir ~/.public_html/cgi-bin/

The first line of the code must include the interpreter. Here a little example:

echo "Hallo!"

notes on the own homepage

Students should publish their homepage under the URL… .

If the resources for the website are used the departments resources you have to mind the user agreement. Furthermore the relevant regulations and advices apply, especially

  • netiquette
  • HRZ-sites about security and privacy
  • federal law for privacy Bundesdatenschutzgesetz
  • general Data Protection Regulation

Websites that are hosted on the system of the department or that are only available inside of the department should not contain commercials, texts or pictures for hate speech, sexism or racism. References to that kind of contents are forbidden. The use of the website for commercial purposes is also forbidden.

Information that might influence the regular learning and teaching environment (e.g. solutions for homework that is still to be completed) must not be published. The laws according publications, copyright, personal rights, criminal law and protection of minors still apply. All websites should contain the name of the creator or publisher to the website to see who is responsible. If possible the website should contain the date of the last change.

The department of computer science reserves the right to block or delete websites that are the subject of complaints and related information pages and to take appropriate sanction measures if necessary. There is no right to set up a homepage.

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