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Since november the ISP group uses a new print service, which replaces the old system. The new system is called “PaperCut” and is mostly used in universities.

Til now the print jobs were printed after the successful check of the quota with a front-page. Since on the one hand a lot of paper and toner was wasted for the cover sheets, on the other hand also many printed pages were not fetched, the procedure was changed completely.

From now on, the print jobs are managed by the PaperCut server and only released after approval by the person placing the order. This release takes place using the TU-Darmstadt Athenekarte.


To use the print service, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • a working ISP account
  • the serial number of your Athenekarte in the ISP account settings

The ISP account status can be viewed at . If none exists yet, it can be created there:

If a “Registered TUD-Card” number has already been stored there (only for older accounts), compare this with the number printed on the top left (see picture).


If the number is missing, you can register them here:


If the job is not printed even if there are still some free pages in the quota, it might be possible that there are some typos or the card might be renewed or the number printed on the card is not the same as the number on the chip.

In all of these cases there are four poolclients in S2|02, including PaperCut cardreader.

These readers act like a keyboard so that the number can be written directly into the field “TU-Card card number”. Therefore select this field (by mouse or keyboard) and hold the card over the reader.

The corresponding poolclients with card reader are:

  • C-Pool 005 South
    • Client57
    • Client58
    • Client59
    • Client60


There are two possibilities to send print jobs:


On the ISP poolclient in C005/C003 and E011 after the login with the ISP account you can find the following printer:

  • Papercut
    • print with no special requirements (Standard)
  • PaperCut-Drupierer
    • For extended print options of the Ricoh printer, like the use of the punch.

Unfortunately, printing with credit from the Mensakarte is no longer available, as the contract with the Studierendenwerk for the provision of the reading/accounting devices became too expensive.

Normally it's enough to us the normal printer, so the job will be send to the Papercut service. To initiate the print you have to put the Athenekarte on the printer which should print the job until you receive a response.

Every card reader is assigned to one certain printer, this can lead to the fact that you print in e.g. S2|02 - C005, but the printout happens in S2|02 - E003.

PaperCut Clienttool

On the poolimage you are able to use the program “PaperCut Client”. It also shows you your budget (in Euro) and the status of the printer at the moment.

This program is not started automatically, you must start it by yourself. It is a small Java program which connects with the PaperCut Server.


For the actual print jobs, you can upload a pdf file using the Webfrontend and print. After the login using the ISP account, there is a point on the menu on the left side “Online print”:

The next step is to choose the printer, on which you want to print your job. If you choose Papercut-Pool you have to release the job with your Athenekarte.

At this pointe you can decide how many copies you need:

Here you can upload the pdf file, also using drag-and-drop:

After the successful upload of the file, you have to release the job. Either using the Athenekarte on the printer or using the explicit release in the webfrontend:

If you don't have your Athenekarte by hand, you can release the job here:


If you want or have to use OSX, you can do it this way:

As driver you can use either the normal Postscript driver or PCL5/6. For the Drupierer (Ricoh Aficio MP 4001) should the matching Ricoh Treiber be used, to have all options.

  • Add printers via Windows URL:
    • For all printers: smb://
    • For the Drupierer: smb://
    • For the billing with the Mensacard: smb://

A detailed instruction to that can be found here.

Please note: For authentication to work, the Windows password must first be set on the pool client or via Clientssh using “sambapasswd “.


The Drupierer can be used like a printer under Windows, to use the functions like stapling and punching.
To do this, first start the “Ausführen” program, enter \\ and confirm with “OK”.
The TU-ID and the corresponding RBG password must now be entered in the opening window for network login.
Now the Drupierer can be added by double-clicking. Since Windows does not find the appropriate driver by default, you have to select it manually in the following dialog (RICOH → RICOH MP 5055 PCL 6).
Now the printer can be adjusted in the control panel. To do this, right-click on “Drupierer_Papercut an” in the printer settings and select “Druckereigenschaften”.
In the “Accessories” tab, check the following boxes:
Double magazines, large-capacity magazines, folding unit, Finisher SR3210
You also select the punching unit „2 und 4 Löcher EU“.

Now the functions of the printer can be used. You can still release the printer via or via the Athens card on the Drupierer.

Please note: For authentication to work, the Windows password must first be set on the pool client or via Clientssh using “sambapasswd “.

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