High Performance Nodes

It often happens that students need for Bachelor- or Masterthesis or thesis like that, computers with huge computational power and/or a lot of memory.

Instead of using QSL/HSP/own money to request an own server which might be underutilized or in the worst case not used for months, we are offering students a virtuell machine (KVM) on two “high performance” ProwMox nodes.

(Fair) use

Due to the fact that the server is financed using QSL/HSP2020 money, they must only be used for teaching and not for research!

This includes:

  • Bachelorthesis
  • study projects
  • research projects
  • Masterthesis

This means every research group can request a VM, if it needs a VM for a special issue. Excluded from the request are VMs, which should be used for general issues of the research groups, e.g. administrative duties (like generating forms) or general thing for research.

The running time of the VMs will be limited. This is necessary to make sure that all research groups of the department 20, which supervise student, are able to request a VM. At the moment we have no experience, so we set no time for the running time. In the idea of the fair use principle it would be great, if a research group does not tie up resources unnecessarily and releases them again after use.

no exclusive use

To make the VM efficient in the use, there is always only one VM to use. Due to that it is possible that the machine is physical utilized to capacity. At the moment we see no need to have a limitation in form of CPU time. The (fair) assignment is the job of the hypervisor.


As hardware we have two servers::

  • IBM X3750 M4
  • 2 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-4610 0 @ 2.40GHz (6 Kerne, mit HT 12)
  • 512 GB DDR3/ECC Ram
  • ServeRAID M5110e Raid Controller
  • 12 x Seagate ST900MM0006 900GB als Raid6 (8TB)
  • 2 x Samsung SSD 840 Pro als Raid1 (500GB)

If the need raises we are able to update the server to a maximum of 1,5TB RAM and 4 CPUs.


The server is connected with 1GB/s. You have either the possibility to get the V-Lan of the research groups switched or you can get an IP assigned from the ISP (RBG) network.


As mentioned above, ProxMox 6.x is used as hypervisor, which relies on Debian and KVM. The VM can either be installed by us with a Debian Buster, or the installation is taken over by the specialist area. The access + the matching rights will be assigned by us.

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