For stuff of the department there is a printer with included copy - model Ricoh Aficio MP 5000 in the room C120.

For the billing we use a elector-mechanical copy counter of the model “bones”. The analysis and billing is in the hand of Christoph Thies. We are leasing this printer, therefore the repair and maintenance work is outsourced. The coordination with the external service provider is in the hands of Astrid Endres.

The printer is connected to the printsystem Papercut, to make the billing easier in the future. For the use are the following things necessary:

  1. The right driver with the right settings - is attached to this page. Please download before setting up the printer.
  2. A ISP/RBG account
  3. A set Sambapassword → it can be set with login on the poolroom computers or clientssh1/2/3 and the command “sambapasswd”
  4. chose printer via smb:// or using Windows \\\PaperCut-FB-Drucker (the username is the RBG login + the password set by sambapasswd)
  5. Chose the uploaded file and print.

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