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The POP3-Server (Incoming) is called, the SMTP-Server (Outgoing) is called If you use any kind of encryption for sending mails, please use the port 587. If you are connecting external without VPN-connection or ssh tunnel, it is also possible to use; but if you are using this server you can only send mails with your TU Darmstadt mail.


To use the POP3-accesspoint (retrieving mails) you need a username and a password - these are equal to your RBG/ISP account SSL and/or TSL.

There are a lot of different programs to retrieve your mails. They can be categorized in graphical and textual programs. Graphical programs are e.g. Mozilla MailNews (mozilla or mozilla-latest) and Thunderbird (thunderbird). Textual programs are mutt, pine bzw. alpine. “mail” can not be used anymore, because /var/mail does not exist anymore.

  • *Data in a nutshell:**
What Where Port
Pop3 serverpop.rbg.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de995
POP3 useraccount@rbg.informatik.tu-darmstadt.deSSL/TLS
SMTP servermx01.rbg.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de587
SMTP useraccount@rbg.informatik.tu-darmstadt.deStartTLS


IMAP is another possibility to retrieve mails, just like the Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3). But other like POP3 it's possible with IMAP to manage the mails on the server, more then just downloading them. This means for example to have folder- and right-management and extended status properties.

Who can and who may?

The RBG/ISP has an own IMPA-server by now. It is the standard mail-server for the retrieving of mails and will be used automatically. You don't need a special permission.

Using of the IMAP-server with external mail-programs

Using external mail-programs is also possible - just use your preferred mail-client! Fill in the following data:

encryptionSSL / TLS


To have a comfortable access to your mails and filters even without a IMPA-mailclient the RBG/ISP offers additionally a webmail-system (Roundcube) with Sieve-filter-extantion. The system is accessable under The username and password are those of the RBG/ISP-Accounts.

HRZ-Accounts funktionieren nicht, da das System eine RBG/ISP-eigene Lösung ist, die nicht an RADIUS angeschlossen ist.

Forwarding of mails

If you want for forward the mails of your RBG/ISP account, you can find instructions on this page

Inbox too big

If you have used all the offered space of your inbox, you will no longer retrieve mails and will be send back to the sender. Please make sure that there is always enough free space in your inbox. If you can't empty your inbox fast enough, please use the forwarding-option.

Quota is too small - charging to the hard disk quota

The charging of the hard disk quota onto the mail quota unfortunately not possible, because these are two separate systems.

Spam Virus recognition

The HRZ checks every incoming mail on the existence of viruses. If any virus is found the mail won't ne forwarded to the receiver. Instead both the sender and the receiver will retrieve a notification with the subject: E-Mail Virus detected.

The used signature is updated twice a day, according to the HRZ, to have the best possible protection.

Use of SpamAssassin

Incoming mails to RBG/ISP accounts are checked by SpamAssassin on SPAM-suspicion. The mail is going under different tests and will be rated. If a mail goes above a certain threshold, it will be marked as possible spam, by adding the tag [SPAM?] in the subject-line.

Mails that are coming form an open mail server with a record in the Open Relay Database (ORDB) will also be marked as spam.

All mails will be delivered, no matter if it is marked as spam or not. The checking and sorting must to be done by the user.

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