Seafile is a software for folder-sychronization like Dropbox. Unlike Dropbox the data won't be stored on a foreign server but on the server of the department for computer science.

important information!

This project is at the moment in a betatest. Due to that fact you should read this blog entry first.


For a better access on the data there is also the possibility for access via webdav besides a native client. You should use this address for that.


There are clients for nearly every platform for download.


The access is via the using the RBG/ISP mail login-data:


password: RBG/ISP-Passwort


It is also possible to share files and folder with others. They need an ISP accounting as well. If this is not the case you can create a link where there is no ISP account necessary. You will have to choice to send an open link or set up your own password. And you can set up how long the link is useable.


At the moment every user has 1GB for free use.

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